Stops to Make on a Road Trip from Spain to Greece

One of our dedicated travel bloggers, Boris, has a passion for road-tripping across Europe. Last year, he took on a monster road trip from Barcelona to Mykonos. This all started thanks to an offer he found with, a hotel he had previously stayed at. With time on his hands, Boris decided to plot the route with some unusual and iconic stops along the way.

The route from Montpellier in France to Athens in Greece took 30 hours on the road to travel the 2,833 km (1,750 miles) distance. Here’s a brief summary of the places he stopped at along the way, along with some commentary.

Road trip map from France to Greece


Montpellier is a city which perfectly blends history and modernism and she absolutely adored the impressive Cathedral of Saint-Pierre. “The city has chic areas like Antigone which is a great place to enjoy a bit of shopping and see its modern artwork and architecture,” says Boris.


View over Monaco yacht basin

Staying in Monaco was just within his price range but more than a day and he wouldn’t have been able to say the same thing. “This area of the rich and famous is fascinating and I spent the afternoon looking at luxury yachts and gazing across the Cote d’Azur.”


Genoa is a port-city and very much centred around maritime trade. “The city has a strange beauty, very different from those classic Italian cities which look like open-air art museums,” he says. “Whilst there wasn’t a huge amount to do, wandering around the city was very easy and of course, I found the food here to be absolutely delicious. “


Masked opera performer in Venice

What’s not to love about Venice? A city perched on a canal network which is the home of romance and love. “Being here on your own isn’t as bad as you may think. Watching opera singers on the streets, as I enjoyed a glass of wine at sunset, was a real highlight.”


“Zagreb is a gothic paradise and the architecture and the super-relaxed way of life here was enough to convince me to add it to my travel list for the future. I just stayed one night here but the historical buildings and the strange blend of culture have certainly called me back,” says Boris.


View from river in Belgrade

Belgrade is one of those classic European cities, rich in architecture and culture and filled with national parks, museums and theatres. “I actually stayed an extra night here and enjoyed a short Danube cruise and digging deeper into the history of this great city.”


“I didn’t want to face the long drive from Skopje to Athens and so I stopped off at Thessaloniki, a port city which is quiet and very traditional. Truth be told I was a little tired of history trips and so simply enjoyed some delicious Greek food and wander around the main square, nice enough, but I’m not sure I’d go back again.”


Acropolis statues in Athens, Greece

“I made sure that I had a couple of days in Athens before catching the ferry across to Mylonoss,” he says. “I fell in love with the Acropolis, it was everything that I had hoped it would be. I also enjoyed the more modern installations and this is a street-art paradise which I thoroughly enjoyed.”

“After 9 days I arrived at the port and grabbed my ferry to Mykonos for some R and R after a tough road trip, and what a trip it was!”, Boris concludes.

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