8 Things You Should Know Before Taking Your First Boat Cruise

Going on a boat cruise is a lot of fun, and if it is your first time, a little intimidating. The sea is scary to most people, and you might wonder what the basic things you need to know are. While on a dream holiday with Ayana, on one of the cruiser boat fleets, you may benefit from these tips if it is your first time.

What to Wear

This is the most common worry for most people, but you can wear practically anything. Free-flowing dresses or shorts are the best. Remember to carry with you a few essentials such as a cardigan in case it gets too windy, and a pair of sunglasses. Also, remember to bring your swimsuits if the cruise is an overnight affair, and you want to swim or snorkel.

Carry Essentials

Carry essentials such as drinking water if the hotel does not provide, but in most cases, they will, as part of the package. Also, remember to carry sunscreen. If you do not, you will get a sunburn, and your vacation will be miserable.

Bring Your Gear

Most of the time snorkelling gear is provided if you have booked the cruise via a hotel such as The AYANA Komodo Resort.

Komodo Night Dive Turtle

However, if you have your own snorkelling gear, it is best to bring this along, as you will be more comfortable with it. Sailing Komodo is one of the best highlights of any vacation in Labuan Bajo, and the itinerary includes snorkelling in one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.


The package will, more often than not, provide drinks, but you can carry your beverages if you so wish, depending on what is in the package. You can buy some wine and spirits duty-free if you are in a foreign country.

How to Prevent Seasickness

Seasickness can make you miserable, and you will not enjoy the trip, which might be spent feeling nauseous and dizzy. You can buy acupressure bands, which you wear on the wrist. These pressure point bands are elastic and help keep seasickness away. You can also buy s over the counter seasickness medication to avoid feeling nauseated.

Take the medication before embarking on the cruise, and you will be fine. Make sure, however, that you buy the non-drowsy pills; you don’t want to spend the whole cruise asleep! Pick a cabin that is towards the middle of the boat, as the ship bobs less there.

How to Get the Best Deals

Most hotels such as The AYANA Komodo Resort have newsletters, which they ask you to subscribe to. When they have offers on packages, you will be on their mailing list, and among the first to know about the deals on offer.

Find out What the Package Offers

Many packages vary. Before you book the cruise, find out exactly what the cruise entails. Ask for an itinerary and check if it is a full day and nights included trip so that you can plan accordingly. Ask which meals the package consists of, and if you have any allergies or special food requests, you can ask if they will accommodate your needs. Check if children can come along, and if so, the ages. It would not be enjoyable if you booked and found out they do not offer what you need.

Ask What Chartering Entails

If you intend to charter the boat for a private event, check what that entails. If you are an accomplished sailor and with certification, can they allow you to charter the boat? Check how far in advance you need to book the boat for a private charter. If you book with too short a notice, you might be disappointed, especially during the peak periods.


If you are taking a luxury cruise on a boat for the first time, there are things you need to know. The most straightforward items such as the wrong clothing, forgetting to pack sunscreen or carry water, sun-glasses, etc. may make your trip unforgettable, and not in the most memorable way. Make a checklist of these tips and tick them one by one to ensure your first-time cruise is worth it.

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