Arctic Expert Shares Free Virtual Northern Lights Hunt

With the world on lockdown due to COVID-19 – one tourism company has gone above and beyond to give people around the world the chance to experience Swedens’ Lapland in all its majesty – without having to leave the confines of their homes.

Specialist Aurora Photography company, Lights Over Lapland, has brought together some of Europe’s best photographers and Virtual Reality videographers from to create three experiences for those suffering wanderlust to virtually travel to Northern Europe and visit ICEHOTEL; visit the local Arctic wilderness; meet local huskies and reindeer; go dog sledging and reindeer sledging, and even join a Northern Lights hunt.

This new experience has been shared free of charge in an effort to give those missing out on travelling in person, or those simply wanting to fulfil a travel dream, the chance to experience travel to the region whilst confined to their homes during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Arctic adventure and Northern Lights video

“I had the realisation about how incredible Virtual Reality is earlier this winter and we started a project that would give us the opportunity to show the world just how incredible Abisko National Park and all the great experiences on offer really are – even if the audience can’t physically visit Abisko for themselves. Little did we know how relevant and necessary this would be,” said Chad Blakely, founder of Lights Over Lapland.  

Dogsledding video

“Our Virtual adventure starts with a morning at the ICEHOTEL followed by a journey northwest towards the Arctic birch forest. After strolling through the birch trees, we lead you to the shore of Lake Torneträsk where you can take in all its scenic views before visiting a friend of mine who is a reindeer herder and riding in a sleigh behind one of his reindeer – just like he and his family have done for centuries. Finally, we will visit one of my favourite locations in all Abisko National Park: the Sami hut at the base of Mt. Noulja. After spending a few moments in this incredible structure, we will finally head outside and watch the Aurora dance overhead,” says Blakely.

While nothing is as exciting as an evening of chasing the northern lights in person, the team behind the new content released believe it to be the next best thing and as close as you can get to being there in person.

Meet the locals (huskies) video

Chad Blakely, founder of Lights Over Lapland adds; “There is always debate about the future of travel, however, the reality may be the only way that a majority of the world’s population would ever be able to experience this sort of a destination – will be virtual. Whether travel is limited as it is today by a global crisis, or there are other financial or physical limitations, VR may well be a solution to enable more to experience this sort of beauty without ever pushing beyond their limitations and leaving their own home.”

Lights Over Lapland are inviting anyone interested in experiencing Lapland to grab a VR headset (or even take a look on your phone or computer and experience a day in Abisko for yourself.

To find more virtual experiences, simply visit the Lights Over Lapland website at

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