How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Philadelphia

Want to get funky in Philly? This bustling city is one of the most beautiful places in Pennsylvania and features quite a few unique opportunities for visitors who want to get in on native action. Philadelphia is a real gem, offering up a smorgasbord of cultural treats, historical wonders, and non-stop nightlife for a discerning tourist. These experiences can be found only here in the City of Brotherly Love, so be sure to take advantage of them when you have the chance.  

Discover American Heritage at the Independence National Historical Park

Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest cities, first established by William Penn in the late 1600s. The unique history of Philadelphia makes for a breathtaking tale of suspense, and all those who enter these quaint streets should pay a visit to the Independence National Historical Park to learn more about it.

This isn’t your typical park. It covers a vast expanse of city blocks, including several key historical sites. The most widely visited is Independence Hall, where the founders of America gathered back in 1776 to sign the Declaration of Independence and create a new nation. You can see the hall on a guided tour or catch sight of other attractions like the infamous Liberty Bell, the Benjamin Franklin Museum, and the National Constitution Center as you stroll through these well-kept grounds.

Enjoy Scenic Views and Outdoor Events at Penn’s Landing

Though the history here is captivating, there are other aspects of this destination you should be sure not to miss. One of them is the famously gorgeous Penn’s Landing, a collection of streets, plazas, and event centers that sprawls out along the scenic Delaware River.

Named after the founder of the city, Penn’s Landing area is home to many businesses large and small. Here you’ll find activities to suit any taste, from art classes to concerts to restaurants and museums. Make sure to check out the collection of parks come spring and summertime, stopping in at the Great Plaza to catch the view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge over the waterway.

Benjamin Franklin Bridge
Visible from Penn’s Landing, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge spans across Delaware to reach nearby Camden, New Jersey.

Experience Dazzling Nightlife & Play Your Way at Philly’s Casinos

Not only is the casino industry alive and well in PA, but they’ve also recently expanded into the online world. This means that visitors who want to partake in the fun can log in and play casino games at online venues such as Unibet Pennsylvania right from a mobile phone or computer. You won’t even have to leave your hotel room to experience this novelty, making it a win-win situation for tourists across the city.

However, once you’ve gotten your fill of the online play, it’s time to take advantage of Philadelphia’s rocking nightlife scene. The best place to enjoy it is in the collection of dazzling casinos and card rooms which pepper the city, each one unique in its own way. Like those around the world, Philly’s casinos have evolved with time, morphing into extravagant centers featuring lavish restaurants, live music, and games galore.

As you can see, Philadelphia has much to offer. Whether you’re looking for a taste of history or simply a good time gaming or exploring by the river, this city has what takes to enthral even the most cynical tourists among us. If you’re ready to dive in, why not book your trip today? Philly stands ready for you, so don’t keep her waiting. 

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