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Big 5 Roadshow 2013 – SPECIAL EDITION iFundi – Italy

The format of this year’s Big 5 Roadshow in Italy will vary slightly. The calendar dates for the roadshow will be as follows:

Fri. 8th Nov. BARI
Sat. 09th Nov. weekend in Bari
Sun. 10th Nov. transfer to Bologna
Mon. 11th Nov BOLOGNA
Tue. 12th Nov FIRENZE
Wed. 13th Nov PADOVA
Thu. 14th Nov MILAN

Dates have been chosen with the aim of allowing those of you who are attending WTM in London to fly to Bari starting our Big 5 Roadshow immediately, saving on the international airfare. A weekend (at no extra cost) has been included in the itinerary. The Roadshow will end on Friday 15th November in Milan and those of you who want to take advantage of their staying in Milan to set business appointments, please note that Friday will be a day free without events.

Please note that this year we will organize a SPECIAL EDITION, mainly dedicated to our new fantastic e-learning program called “iFundi” for travel agents. It is very innovative as all the learning lessons are produced by short videos (2 minute max) for a total of 70 video on the destination with the most important details. During the Roadshow we will present the version open to all travel agents and also our South African partners will have the chance to experience a so advanced course.

We remind our partners that tax legislation in Italy has changed two years ago and invoices for participation to the Roadshow will be issued without 21%Vat. That means you will save 21% of your money.

The participation cost is full inclusive of main costs (domestic transport, breakfast and several lunches & dinners, accommodation during the event, workshop place,); in this way you know in advance what this Roadshow will request from you in terms of investment, and you will not have unpleasant surprises or extra charges once in Italy.

The 5 cities-package is a fixed package and it will not be possible to participate only to a portion or a leg of the roadshow. The entire event is costing South African Tourism a substantial investment as a whole, there are fixed costs that do not necessary decrease related to the number of participants, and for this reason we will not be in a position to accept application for less than 5 cities.

All costs, high level agenda and further information are specified in details in the Application Form.

We will be at your disposal should you have any questions. Email queries to: [email protected]

Looking forward for your great support!

Thanks and kindest regards

Team of South African Tourism Italy

The APPLICATION FORM for the “Big 5 Roadshow 2013 – SPECIAL EDITION iFundi” can be downloaded at: 5 Roadshow 2013 APPLICATION FORM_SA.pdf

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