Common Problems Tourists Encounter After Partying Too Hard

Travelling abroad is a great adventure but can reach extremes when problems are encountered after partying too hard. Driving under the influence is certainly one of these problems and a serious issue in many countries.

With Youth Tourism being a growing niche sector, popular party destinations around the world such as Ibiza, Amsterdam, Rio, Las Vegas, and Fort Walton Beach, have introduced stringent laws and regulations to curb alcohol abuse, specifically Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and public intoxication.

Listed below are few things you need to know before partying too hard.

First Offence DUI

The USA, in particular, has stringent DUI regulations. There are generally two types of misdemeanours, first and second offences, each with their own causes and actions. The first offence, in general, is around 6 months if the blood alcohol level is under 0.15, and up to 9 months if more, with 12 months on probation. Given that tourist visas are only issued for short stays, the culprits’ visa will either be extended and he or she will stay in jail, or be extradited to their home country. First offence DUIs though do not generally reach these extremes. It’s when a second offence penalty is given that things get a little rougher.

Second Offence DUI

Given that a second offence DUI is still considered a misdemeanour, it is not a huge issue, but it depends on where you are. At Fort Walton Beach, for example, the penalties can extend up to 12 months in jail, a 5-year license suspension, increased fines and costs, etc. Even though it is a misdemeanour, tourists can sometimes get extradited, but in this case, a Fort Walton Beach DUI defense lawyer would be certainly needed.

Felony DUI

glass of alcohol with care key

Felony DUIs are the third step after the first two offences have occurred. If a third offence is incurred within 10 years of the last conviction, then jail time of up to 5 years will be served, a license suspension and a record of this offence will be created. This can cause all sorts of issues when travelling back home or when travelling abroad again. Some extremes, such as a DUI that involves serious injury or death, the stakes are much higher, and more than 10 years can be faced. Acquiring the services of an attorney, as the previously mentioned, would be extremely important as an in-depth and thorough review must be conducted and reports will need to be exhaustively scrutinised.

Generally, being charged with a felony abroad is a serious issue as you may not have direct access to legal counsel for advice. It is important to take care when travelling abroad, and even if you want to party all night long, it is advisable to do it in a way that will not be harmful to you or to others. Drinking while driving, especially, has caused millions of accidents around the world, so before you travel, make arrangements for commuting between party venues and your accommodation.

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