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Hotel Bookings: Sustainable Tourism Appetite

The number of travellers staying in an eco-friendly or ‘green’ accommodation at least once could double in this year with 65% of global travellers expressing this intention versus 34% who stayed in one or more in 2016. By Linda Hohnhola.

“Just as where we stay on holiday plays a pivotal role in the enjoyment of our trip, so it also plays an increasingly important role in helping people to travel sustainably,” comments Pepijn Rijvers, Chief Marketing Officer at “Whether by serving locally grown food, using or selling local crafts, conserving water and energy, recycling or connecting guests with the local community, accommodations today are working on a range of sustainability efforts and it’s heartening to see travellers so keen to explore and embrace these.  The sustainable appetite is there.”

Luxury adjustments travellers would be willing to make to stay somewhere eco-friendly:

Energy saving light bulbs


AC/Heating units that only run while you are in the room


Low flow showerheads


Recycled toilet paper


Less frequent toiletry replacement


Linen and towel chances less frequently


Higher cost for food because its’ all locally produced


Published with acknowledgment to eTN Travel Wire News. Header image: Green Hotelier.

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