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Mobile app to drive travellers to star graded accommodation

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 21 December 2018 – The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) has partnered with Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app, to alert and guide travellers to all TGCSA graded establishments in the area, in real-time. 

Waze provides turn-by-turn navigation information and user-submitted travel times and route details while downloading location-dependent information over a mobile telephone network. This partnership is considered to be an innovative approach for the TGCSA to delve into the digital sphere and an incredible opportunity for TGCSA graded establishments.

We are on a constant drive to continuously enhance the benefits of getting graded by the TGCSA. This partnership not only assists consumers with locating our graded establishment members, but also drives traffic to them,” says Darryl Erasmus, Tourism Grading Council of South Africa’s Chief Quality Assurance Officer.

TGCSA benefits range from unique marketing opportunities, access to market access platforms, participation in TGCSA’s strategic online partnerships such as the initiative with Waze as well as exclusive rights to display the globally recognized plaque (which gives your establishment an immediate quality identity).

“Whilst the grading system is focused on upholding and improving the competitive positioning of South Africa as a quality destination, the TGCSA invests much capacity in pursuing greater value for our members,” concluded Erasmus.

Using innovation such as Waze, is an incredible opportunity to highlight TGCSA’s approach to modern technology and how it can assist establishments to be recognized in the palm of one’s hand. Imagine driving through traffic en route to a specific destination, however while searching for an ideal route, Waze helps TGCSA graded establishments to appear on the user’s map, potentially steering them in their direction, be it a hotel, bed & breakfast, hostel or conference venue.

So the next time local and international travellers take a Sho’t Left and explore the beauty of South Africa, they’re guaranteed to be guided by Waze to help them find the perfect TGCSA-graded establishment within their specific search location. Have you been graded by TGCSA?  Now’s the time to do so and reap all the benefits with the help of TGCSA and Waze.

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