Off Road Guides and Tour Operators Association of South Africa

In 2005 the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism called for owners and users of inland 4×4 recreational driving tracks to move towards better-regulated and more equitable practices in respect of their activities in South Africa’s inland environment. Users and owners of these tracks were told unequivocally at the time that regulations similar in nature to those imposed on off-road vehicle activities on beaches would be unilaterally issued by the government for sensitive inland areas if a suitable form of regulation could not be found and implemented for the off-road industry.

Note: The Off road Guides And Tour Operators Association no longer exists. This post has been retained for readers to find related information on role players in the South African 4×4 Industry – Updated 18 May 2019. Editor.

Role players in the South African 4×4 Industry

  • AAWDC (Association of All-Wheel Drive Clubs of Southern Africa)
  • NAAMSA (National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa)
  • SAVRALA (Southern African Vehicle Renting and Leasing Association)
  • SANOTA (South African National Off-Road Trainers Association)
  • DEA (Department of Environmental Affairs)
  • ORRA (Off Road Radio Association)
  • ICASA (The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa)
  • 4×4 Action Group South Africa.

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