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Why I Love Kenya

Porini Camps / GameWatchers Safaris deserve an accolade for supporting Kenya Tourism’s #WhyILoveKenya campaign to turn the tide of recent negativity. Below is an excerpt from GameWatchers Safaris Newsletter. Editor

Sometimes the spotlight that is shone upon Kenya by the international media can create a tidal wave which affects the whole population here in Kenya. By Aleema Noormohamed.

We are currently seeing this with some of the publicity relating to recent changes in travel advice affecting certain parts of the country. As we all know, tourism in Kenya is regarded as the country’s natural asset so we would like to keep things in perspective and show the true picture of daily life here.

With the constant, current and negative appearance of Kenya in the media, I would also like to take this moment to give a focus on some of the POSITIVE things that are happening in Kenya, from someone who is on the ground here, coming to work everyday, drinking coffee with friends and wandering around in the national park.

The media after all, needs to sell its news but here are some positive rays of sunshine from Kenya:

• Kenya’s profile in the international community is set to rise due to the inauguration of a revamped United Nations Environmental Program next month will host more than 6000 international visitors in Nairobi;

• The Lake Turkana Festival is being held from 13th to 15th of June 2014;

• The National Museums of Kenya in collaboration with the German Embassy and other partners invites you to join the exploration of the northern frontier and enjoy the myriad of beautiful colors of the different cultures and discover the hidden treasure of Lake Turkana;

• 2 Kenyans win the Whitley Awards in the Annual Oscars for Conservationists – namely, Dr Paula Kahumbu and Shivani Bhalla;

• 2 athletic Kenyans win different marathons – Wilson Kipsang won the London Marathon and Rita Jeptoo won the Boston Marathon;

• 2013 saw Kenya as the World’s Leading Safari Destination at the World Travel Awards (the Oscars of the Travel Industry);

• Condor is increasing its flights to Kenya! International airline Condor, which carries over 6 million passengers annually to 75 destinations in the world, has announced that it will increase its flight rotations from Frankfurt Germany to Moi International Airport Mombasa beginning end of July to four flights a week;

• Kenya’s natural landscape consists of endless savannah’s, incredible wildlife, enduring cultures, unspoiled beaches, remarkable coral reefs, equatorial forests, blazing deserts and cool highland retreats – Extra ordinary journeys in adventure, exploration and leisure.

Need I say more?

About the Author: Aleema Noormohamed is the Marketing Executive at Gamewatchers Safaris.

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About Porini Camps – Meet the Fleet

Open-sided game-viewing vehicles, a small part of Gamewatchers Safaris large fleet
Open-sided game-viewing vehicles, a small part of Gamewatchers Safaris large fleet

We are ready for the high season and hope that YOU will be joining us on safari soon! Our Group Maintenance Manager, Mr Naeem Aslam, has worked tirelessly with his team and has given our entire fleet a new facelift! The team has spent countless hours and energy to ensure the fleet is ready to take you on the safari of your life! From the overhaul of the engines, to the redesign of the body of the vehicles, to increasing the internal space as well as increasing the panoramic view for landscape and game viewing, Naeem now heads a fleet of 31 vehicles which include our 4×4 Landcruisers, Landrovers, and Noahs for safaris and transfers. Naeem has been in the tourism industry for 10 years and has vast experience in operation and maintenance management.

Putting a face to the team: Naeem Aslam (pictured 4th from the right) and the hands-on mechanics.
Putting a face to the team: Naeem Aslam (pictured 4th from the right) and the hands-on mechanics.

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