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#SONA2019: Budget Speech Reflections

Following an encouraging SONA from President Ramaphosa, the 2019 Budget Speech is where the rubber hits the road for those of us in the tourism sector. By Enver Duminy.

The reality is that South Africans are adapting how they travel to accommodate their own personal budgets, and all indications are that belt-tightening restrictions could limit our growth potential for the year.

Enver Duminy

However, we remain optimistic that locals will continue to enjoy tourism experiences and that international visitors will also continue to enjoy what is, to those travelling on foreign currencies, affordable luxury.

We look to government for continued support across multiple initiatives to ensure industry-wide sustainability so that employment rates in tourism are stable and also so that job creation in the sector can be realised.

There’s a sense that once the elections have taken place, the economy won’t be quite as skittish, so the challenge is to press ahead with our strategies for business development.

About the author: Enver Duminy is the CEO of Cape Town Tourism.

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