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#SONA2017 Circus Fails South Africans

The annual State of the Nation Circus on 9 February 2017 has, once again, demonstrated that the people of South Africa cannot rely on Government to do the most basic of leadership tasks, namely to put differences aside and to lead the nation into a great future.

According to a statement released today by the Growth Institute – a specialist education company specialising in management education, skills development and enterprise development – the term “Government” does not refer to the ruling party alone.

“When one uses the term ‘Government’ one includes all elected politicians across the political spectrum.  Even the insignificant party with only one seat in Parliament, the provincial legislature or in the municipal structures, is part and parcel of this thing called Government.  We must challenge the idea that only the ruling party is ‘Government’,” says Growth Institute spokesman Peter van Nieuwenhuizen.

“Parliamentary procedures are nowadays more hackneyed than the Keystone comedies of old.  There are far greater issues than provoking badly dressed security forces to storm into Parliament and to watch people acting as if the heavyweight fight title of the world depends on their actions.  There are far greater issues than storming out of the House after the fistfight whilst those remaining shout insults and swear words that would make sailors blush.

“Since 2008, the country’s education system has been bleeding.  On the Global Competitive Index, South Africa is worse off than Tunisia.  Before, during and after the Arab Spring Tunisia has beaten South Africa in terms of key indicators such as the quality of primary school education, the quality of mathematics and science, and the availability of scientists and engineers.

“Year on year, the Global Competitiveness Index shows that one of the biggest constraints to do business in South Africa is the inability of politicians to curb corruption, stop their squabbles and to start concentrating on what really matters.  Other efficiency-driven economies in the world are pulling away from South Africa.  The country is transforming from being the economic powerhouse of Africa into belonging in one of P. T. Barnum’s tents.

“We can no longer hide behind the excuse that the legacy of the past hampers the country’s growth, prosperity and peace.  Instead, we must acknowledge that the behaviour of those voted in to lead the country is the true bogeyman,” concludes van Nieuwenhuizen.

About the Growth Institute: As a specialist education company, most of The Growth Institute’s clients are companies who wish to optimise BBBEE spending, skills development and tax rebates. The company is also aimed at school leavers who did not succeed to enroll as full-time students at ‘traditional’ institutions as well as client employees, who wish to obtain a qualification or who want to improve their current qualifications. Clients and student can choose to enroll for one of four Commercial and Management Studies programs and for three Hospitality and Tourism Management programs. For more information visit

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