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Kenya to Partner with African Tourism Board

Nairobi, 15 February 2020 – Following a four-day working visit to Kenya, African Tourism Board (ATB) CEO, Doris Wörfel, engaged with tourism industry leaders to initiate and advance pilot projects that could be implemented across the African Continent.

During the CEO’s visit, Wörfel invited Anne Makmi, an associate trainer at the Institute of Leadership and Professional Development at Daystar University in Nairobi, to become one of the ATB brand ambassadors in Kenya.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), the Kenya Association for Travel Agents (KATA) and the Kenya Association for Tour Operators (KATO), all agreed to cooperate with the African Tourism Board.

African Tourism Board CEO Doris Wortel with KATA staff

The KTB will be signing a cooperation framework with ATB for initiatives and projects that include the development of, and access to, underdeveloped tourist destinations, capacity building, skills- and leadership development, and resource mobilisation on a national and local level in Kenya.

These initiatives and projects could then be implemented in other regions of the African Continent.

“I am overwhelmed with the opportunities that opened up by our new cooperation with Kenya. Yes, I am excited,” said Wörfel.

About the African Tourism Board: ATB is a Pan-African tourism development and marketing institution that aims to promote economic development, increase employment and reduce poverty in Africa. ATB has a perpetual existence within all African Union (AU) Member States with its headquarters based in Pretoria, South Africa, where it is registered as a Non-Profit Company. ATB strives to work with the AU, the UNWTO, governments, private sector, communities and other stakeholders in promoting and facilitating tourism growth and tourism development across the African Continent. For more information visit

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