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5 Ways to Find an Injury Attorney

If you’ve been involved in an accident recently and it wasn’t your fault, you’ll be looking to find an attorney. An attorney can get you a settlement, represent you in court and help to ease what can be a stressful process. America is full of great attorneys who know the law like the back of their hand, but if you’ve never been in an accident before you might not know how to find one to represent your case. Here are 5 ways to find an attorney.

1. Online

In our modern world, it’s easy to grab a laptop or smartphone and look something up online. Be careful though – as you know, America is a huge country which varies hugely by state. For example, it wouldn’t be helpful to find a great attorney in New York when you live in South Carolina. So, if you’re looking online to find attorneys in Anderson, SC, make sure you find them by area, using your zip code or live location. It’s important that they’re close enough for you to be able to go to their offices and meet them in person.

2. College

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While you’re recovering from trauma, it’s key to get an attorney who is experienced and knows what they’re doing. Therefore, you could try to find a good lawyer by asking at colleges for their alumni or any recommendations that lecturers might have. All lawyers will have had advanced education, and therefore will be known by someone in the education sector. Once you’ve found an attorney, you’ll need to ask the right questions and find out how many cases they’ve won. It won’t be particularly helpful to get an attorney who’s never won a case.

3. Word of Mouth

Reviews from friends, family members or colleagues can be helpful when you’re trying to find an attorney. Maybe your colleague’s sister was in a car accident, or your friend’s dad had a workplace injury. If this is the case, then someone you know will be able to tell you which attorney they used and if they’d recommend them. Whilst our modern world promotes online reviews, word of mouth reviews can be more reliable and trustworthy, and you get a more personal sense of whether the attorney is right for you.

4. Search

Databases such as Avvo collect information on lawyers and can be used to help you find what you’re looking for. You can enter your zip code or city and will be able to find a list of attorneys in your area. You’ll then be provided with information on how long they’ve been licensed, what area of law they specialize in and any reviews from clients.

5. Referral

If you have a friend who’s a lawyer or know someone who does, it might be useful to speak to them before finding an attorney, even if they don’t specialize in that field. They might be able to give you a personal referral, or could use their contacts to find you an attorney who is respected in the field.

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