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2019 Isuzu D-MAX 3.0 LX 4X4

Review: 2019 Isuzu D-MAX 3.0 LX 4X4

When it comes to off-road power and capability, Isuzu’s two-door D-MAX Extended Cab 4×4 bakkie certainly delivers. Tourism Tattler put an Isuzu B-Max through its paces along the KwaNzimakwe Multi-Trail Park in KwaZulu-Natal’s South Coast.

This newly launched multi-trail park is perfect for 4×4 aficionados as the venue provides awesome views over the KwaNzimakwe tribal community homesteads that stretch haphazardly over undulating hills and verdant grasslands towards the milkwood forests bordering the Indian Ocean coastline in the distance.

Victor Jaca is the KwaNzimakwe tour facilitator, who we met up with on an overcast November Sunday afternoon. After delivering a short orientation briefing, Victor hopped onto the back of the Isuzu bakkie, and we proceeded along a barely defined track as he guided us along the 4×4 route with instructions hollered through the rear window; “Turn here. Go there. Whoa, not that rock, this one!”

Some of the sharp track angles, rock-strewn paths, extreme cambers, descents and assents were hair raising, but the Isuzu handled them all with effortless ease.

Isuzu D-MAX on the KwaNzimakwe Multi-Trail 4x4 route

The Isuzu’s fuel-injected 3-litre engine, delivering 130kW of power with 380Nm of torque, proved its prowess as third gear often had to be selected while in low range 4×4 mode to lower the r/pm to around 3600 while ascending muddy river crossings.

Isuzu D-MAX resending into a stream at KwaNzimakwe Multi-Trail Park

Overall, this 4×4 trail route offers several challenges for off-road enthusiasts and there are a number of idyllic spots that would be perfect for over-night 4×4 club camp-outs.

Isuzu D-MAX ascending from a stream at KwaNzimakwe Multi-Trail Park

“I would love it if 4×4 clubs came here for group camp-outs,” says Victor with his characteristic enthusiasm. “It is very safe here, and our community would welcome them in sharing the beauty of our land.” Victor’s contact details can be found at the end of the short video clip below:

For more information on the Isuzu D-MAX 3.0 LX 4X4 model visit isuzu.co.za/extended-cab-bakkie or to find an Isuzu dealer near you visit www.isuzu.co.za.

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