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Must-read Tips On How To Win A Car Accident Claim

If you are involved in a car accident that results in bodily injury it is important to initiate processes that will help you build a strong case for claiming damages.

In most countries, car accident claims are settled by the third party’s (the wrongdoers) motor or passenger liability insurance policy. However, South Africa is an exception to this rule. In this country, motorists who are injured in vehicle accidents can only pursue their claims against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). The South African legislation which amended the RAF Act was widely criticized for various reasons, one being that an accident victim’s claims are limited (or capped). 

However, there are various things you can do to help you file a compelling claim. Below are three tips on how to win your car accident case.

Collect and document as much information as possible at the site of the accident

After an accident, if you are badly injured, it is important to focus on getting medical help. If you are still conscious, your priority should be to document all information you can get on the site of the accident. You can assign this duty to another person as you get medical treatment. Essentially, you need to document every detail of the accident as it happened. Some of the important details include;

  • Car registration number
  • Name, address and phone number of the other driver
  • The other driver’s insurance details
  • Pictures of the accident site, car damages and bodily injuries sustained
  • Names of the medical personnel and police officers on site.

Since winning a car accident case is all about providing sufficient evidence, you need to collect as much information as possible to file a strong claim. You will also be required to provide proof of medical bills and, if applicable, loss of income. In South Africa, the requirements and procedures for lodging a claim with the RAF are somewhat different.

Seek professional medical help

When you leave the site of the accident, it is important to visit the nearest hospital emergency room to see a medical doctor. Never assume that injuries sustained following a car accident are minor. It is still crucial to get a scan or professional opinion about the nature and implication of your injuries. In a court hearing, the judge may call on the doctor’s professional insights regarding your injuries, treatment plan and how the accident will shape your future life. Make sure you document all receipts and medical bills as this will be needed when determining the level of compensation to be awarded.

Call an experienced attorney

The services of a competent specialist attorney can be of great help when filing a car accident claim. Like any other business, insurance companies need to make profits for their shareholders. Their objective, therefore, is to avoid or minimise the quantum of claims. Fortunately, car accident attorneys are trained to provide legal representation and maximise the compensation of your claim. If you are looking for reputable car accident lawyers in Chicago, Illinois, these attorneys can help you build a compelling case. It is advisable to call for attorney services soon after the accident to initiate investigation and evidence gathering.

The period following a car accident will be a rough one, especially if you sustain severe injuries with long term health implications. Having experienced accident attorneys working to get you the deserved compensation can relieve some of the pressure. It also allows you to focus on your treatment and recovery. Make sure you work with reputable law firms that have a good track history in winning car accident claims.

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